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March 9, 2012


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For those who haven't heard, there is this huge push on the internet to bring Joseph Kony, an Ugandan guerrilla group leader crimes against humanity to the public.

A charity called "The Invisable Child" produced this video:…

Now there's been alot of backlash to the video too, claiming the charity is making money from the tragedy, fears that America can't start another war and a number of other issues questioning the nature of this movement.

But the whole thing reminds me of a 7th  Heaven episode I saw about the cruelty of the Taliban towards woman. The weird thing about that was that was it aired about two years before 9/11. Now for two years, no one said a word about how bad things were over there... until it became a national tragedy.

I imagine it was the same for Hitler at one point. America didn't want in part in the war but you know after Pearl Harbor, there had to been people saying "What are we doing in Germany? Wasn't the Japs that bombed us?"
I'm not saying believe everything you hear, but raising awareness about this situation can't hurt. That's my stance on it as of right now.
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I completely agree with you CR while some of the stuff the group has done is questionable, their goal is a good an rightous one. Kony is still out there(not as much of a threat ,but that doesnt mean he can't become one again). Kony is the worlds 9th most wanted criminal right now and he needs to be stopped regardless of how much of a threat he is in my opinion. Propganda is ment to get you fired up about an issue and propaganda isnt always a bad thing. I can understand people questioning it and thats a good thing,but I dont think that the the invisible children group are as bad as say a group like PETA(who uses propaganda to an extreme degree ,but has their own questionable treatment of animals and could be tied to some terrorist acts)
The terrible thing is they're raising the awareness for all the wrong reasons. Their charity income/expenses ratio is extremely poor, they refuse to cooperate with the Better Business Bureau of America, and their donations for the Kony 2012 thing are going to the oppressive Ugandan government. These are the same people that caused Kony to become such a terrible person by throwing his people in to concentration camps with little to no food and water, causing hundreds of thousands of them to die. Kony saw these first-hand and wants to put an end to them, and they want to do the same to him.

Also, Kony may not even be in Uganda anymore. So if Uganda is receiving donation money, donators are essentially in support of an oppressive government invading nearby countries. The government will also most likely exploit the resources of their neighboring countries as well.

And then we have an enormous problem, all thanks to Invisible Children. Hell, there are worse Kony's out there in Africa, they've just been going unnoticed for the past 30 years (just like Kony!). Also, the hype for this shit will probably die down within the next year or so to the point where nobody remembers it.
PhillipFGA Mar 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Why do people always want to corrupt good innocent things? Like, there is no charity that isn't a crime, there is no push that doesn't bring chaos with it, there is no word that can't be considered insulting because of dirty minds. It happened to the chilean movement for our education...
wow, i've known about Kony for a while now,
and it seems like just this week
everyone's talking about him.
in terms of their charity, they explained how it works,
a third goes to the movie, a third to making the posters/shirts/ect, and a third to aid.
[there is no charity that gives 100% away to their cause that i know of]
Oh boy, have I got mixed feelings about this. I think ~Farel13 put it pretty well, in terms of sensationalism and priority. It's a noble cause, but it just came out of nowhere and has blown up so fast. It feels like a fad. It's great that people can get passionate over stopping injustice somewhere far away, but I kind of hate how quickly it's been built up. Seeing people post the simple message "Kony 2012" in inappropriate comments sections is just as irritating as any chain letter, and I feel like most of these people will hop off the bandwagon in a week's time.

Could this be comparable to The Boy Who Cried Wolf? I'm so jaded by people riding the wave for trivial bullshit like memes and obvious slacktivism, that I feel the same irritation when people begin to get riled up about something that actually kind of matters. Remember change your avatar to a cartoon from your childhood to combat child abuse? That was pretty aggravatingly stupid, especially since the whole child abuse thing was tacked on to a trend that originally had nothing to do with that. People still went with it anyway, probably because they don't pay attention or research these things, and those same people are probably following the Kony situation completely blind.
Farel13 Mar 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
CR, big applause to you for the words on backlash here!

I also have to tilt my head at this... and all the talk "Now there's more people on Facebook than there were on the world 200 years ago", when I hear that, I had bad feelings in my mind... and people just sharing videos... this is what I HATE about facebook, but it turns out, that that's a GOOOD thing apparently!

And this whole war thing is being spread around and forwarded from person to person like an Inspirational anegdode. I don't know, it just doesn't seem genuine to me!

"UHHH!!! Some person I never heard of before in a country I've never heard of before is doing bad things to people that I don't know! THIS IS AWFUL" ... And before anyone tells me that I'm heartless, allow me to explain: This is a harsh world that we live in... is this Kony the only person in the entire world to do things like these? What about China? What about Korea? What about a dozen different countries all over Africa? What makes Kony more "evil" than the other people over the world? It feels like people are taking away the choice from the American goverment and handing it to the Facebook users, almost like a poll:
Which country should we invade next time, YOU DECIDE!

I'm surprised they didn't go with text message votes before this...

In any case while I am against cruel acts such as this, I am not going to promote things like this, because I have a bad feeling about this
Well know i know, and skipping the GI Joe joke i don't think my actions have much affect what can i do give them 10-20 dollars, more of a sad reality i am probably going to forget about this a couple of weeks from now, unless something reminds me.
PicturePixie Mar 9, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you so much!! :tighthug:
as far as I'm concerned, raising awareness is a good thing. The main problems, though, are that it's created a binary "good vs evil" dynamic to the situation (most of the governments that the LRA have been fighting are corrupt and brutal regimes, and the Democratic republic of Congo I think was declared to be an anarchy state a while ago by the UN) and also will lose all it's steam when Kony is captured and/or executed.

what the video should have stressed more is the rebuilding and establishing of infrastructure so that this doesn't happen again. People are far less likely to join or be killed by groups like the LRA as long as there are schools, hospitals, and decent policing and military protection. Making sure that these people don't have to suffer like this again is the top priority, and that's where most of the money should be going, into independently funded and managed schooling and protection.

If people want to help, then that's fantastic, but they should also be sensible enough to do research on the charity whose doing an advertisement and, if they find something that they think they aren't sure of, give their money to another charity who does work out there, there are tons and they would do alot more in the way of help.

No, see. Here's the thing. The Ugandan's don't see Kony as the threat invisible children are saying he is. They're own government is pretty bad and more of a problem right now, but OUR government supports the Ugandan government. Invisible children is definitely out to line their pockets and there's a picture of the founders posing for a picture with guns with the Ugandan government. They're saying we have to find Kony and bring him to justice but. He might not even BE in Uganda, much less there's a rumor he's been dead. Also, he hasn't been a real threat for 6 years. All this "Awareness" will do is if he IS still alive bring him out of hiding for more blood shed.

I think it's great that people are becoming aware of this but please PLEASE research this thoroughly, this is a VERY sensitive situation to contribute to.
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