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So I bought the program and I’m really impressed with it’s features.

You can even import 3D models and rig a scene. You can also import any 3d models you’ve made yourself.

Problem is there doesn’t seem to be a way to scale these objects. 

Am I missing something or is that just not a feature. If anyone can confirm or help me with this I would be very appreciative. 


Hey thanks everyone I figured it out. 

I just want to thnak you all for the wonder birthday wishes and drawings that I've gotten. 
Hey everyone, :iconcyber-kun: needs some help.

He's got about $600 worth of car repairs to pay off and he's offering some high quality drawing commissions.

Take a look:

Cerebus by Cyber-Kun

Submerged splendor by Cyber-Kun

TMNT Raph by Cyber-Kun
He's asking for $100 a pop. So if your interested drop him a line.  

And you can check more art on his facebook:…
Endtown by ChadRocco

Good friend and talented artist has just opened a patreon in support of Endtown.

If you can't help with support then can you please tweet or link this. 

I was putting together another Halloween list, when I realized my number one segment was about 11 minutes long.  So I decide to turn it into a Familiar Short on it's own...don't worry I have something planned....

Happy Halloween!
Anyone know where I can find a nice copy of Night Ghoulry.


The even ran it on the Hub and you still can't find it.
Also Deviant art became tumblr while I was gone. 

Here's the Olaf Video on my Back Up Youtube Channel 
My Patreon supporters might want to check their accounts.
Thank you, everyone, for the wonderful birthday wishes. You guys have really gotten creative with your comments.