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I finally take a look at a Solo adventure...

I'll be streaming for a while...…

I have a question about perspective rulers and models and if any clip studio users could help me with this, I would be very grateful.  

You see I have a drawing I made with a perspective ruler (Top Panel)

Then I was thinking maybe I could add a model figure to the panel.(Bottom Panel) 

tumblr inline nxtcoeyV8R1rxrx3q 500 by ChadRocco

Well the model has it’s own perspective and I can’t quite get it to match the one in the drawing.

I want to to know if there’s a way to link the perspective of a model to the perspective of the ruler when you first import it. 

Well I need some extra cash (Actually just $50) so I guess I'm opening up commissions again. 

Here are the outlines:

*Up front Paypal payment.

*Good Rule of thumb: "If it's in my Gallery, I'll probably draw it...if it's not, I probably won't. 

*You can request that the commission be private, and I won't post it in my gallery. You can also request that I send it to you by email so you can post it in your own gallery or I can get it to you through stash. 

Here's the price list and sample each type of commission:

Color = $35 (+ $10 for each additional character)

Starfire Doesn't Split Hairs by ChadRocco  Vivi by ChadRocco  I can smell trouble... by ChadRocco 

  Fawn Deer by ChadRocco  A Tale of Two Trixies by ChadRocco  You Need a Smile by ChadRocco

Line Art = $18 (+$7 for each additional character)
Maddie Fenton by ChadRocco   Predie Puff by ChadRocco  Harriette and Me by ChadRocco  Dexter's Mom by ChadRocco  Touch of Tenderness... by ChadRocco 

Digital Skecth = $10 (+ $4 for each additional character)

1. Still need to finish :iconcartoonking1:

2. :icon12beast1212:

3. :iconheartlessslayer:

4. :icondacommissioner:

5. :iconsuperion123:

Well with Blip being dissolved, I gotta try my best to transfer all my stuff to Youtube. 

Here are two of my favorites:

Would really appreciate it if you'd guys spread these around. 

So I bought the program and I’m really impressed with it’s features.

You can even import 3D models and rig a scene. You can also import any 3d models you’ve made yourself.

Problem is there doesn’t seem to be a way to scale these objects. 

Am I missing something or is that just not a feature. If anyone can confirm or help me with this I would be very appreciative. 


Hey thanks everyone I figured it out. 

I just want to thnak you all for the wonder birthday wishes and drawings that I've gotten. 
Hey everyone, :iconcyber-kun: needs some help.

He's got about $600 worth of car repairs to pay off and he's offering some high quality drawing commissions.

Take a look:

Cerebus by Cyber-Kun

Submerged splendor by Cyber-Kun

TMNT Raph by Cyber-Kun
He's asking for $100 a pop. So if your interested drop him a line.  

And you can check more art on his facebook:…