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There's some complications with my computer...I'm going to restart everything and try again in 30 minutes. 
Going to try working on a commission

Going play some Hearth stone in about 10 minutes. 

A year ago I took up a challenge that I was very private about because I didn't want to jinx it...but I set out to produce a drawing a day for at least an entire year and I can safely tell you all that I have done it. Now there are a few private commissions that I've done (nothing I haven't drawn here but just from people who wanted to remain private)... So the number is actually above the one a day minimum...and some of those drawings are a little more detailed then others so...

It started on a whim when I spent last new year eve and day taking requests from 4chan. I don't care what people say I have met some very friendly and talented people there, and they have provided me with enough ideas to get through the year. 

And even though some of them are a little simplistic, those are the one I'm kinda proud I tend to inform you, from time to time I get caught up with "family matters" that take me away from my work space. In fact i writing this from my grandma's....she had a fall about three weeks ago. Thank the Good Lord she didn't break anything, but she did hit her head badly and need someone to watch her for the next few days in case of concussion or eternal bleeding. Regardless I stayed with her just because I knew she would need help with Christmas (and traveling around to a few medical check ups after this) But I'm glad to say she's fine now...We toasted the New Year with a couple of steaks and some Kahlua.    

But getting back to the point, though those rough and simple drawings I've learned how to use my phone's drawing programs more and more. Most of the latter half of these draws actually started off as doodles made in department store, DMV's, airports, restaurant tables, bank lines and doctor's offices. 

Yes I'm proud of this, but I'm also trying to encourage you to do the same. Push yourself just a little each day...If I can do it than I know you can you...Will I continue into the New Year...I don't know...I already have a couple of sketches on my phone from taking Grandma to Dillards this morning...only time will tell...

But I definitely want to thank you all. And Best Wishes and God's Blessings in the New Year to everyone.  

Incredible Marge  by ChadRoccoBosom Buddies by ChadRoccoShe Knows by ChadRoccoPain in the Neck by ChadRoccoCarmelita Smile by ChadRoccoKatella Cold Out-Side by ChadRoccoTuff Puppy: Short Hair by ChadRoccoFranny and Jane New Year Cheesecake by ChadRoccoKevin's Chain by ChadRoccoPuffy by ChadRoccoEndtown: Kirbee by ChadRoccoHoola Hoop Frankie by ChadRoccoCallie Poster by ChadRoccoSkateboard Rouge  by ChadRoccoTTGO Operator  by ChadRoccoQueen of Mars by ChadRoccoRaven loves Spiderman's (Spotted) Dick by ChadRoccoGwaven by ChadRoccoSapphire Wendy by ChadRoccoRaver Girl by ChadRocco

Mature Content

Pavita by ChadRocco
Cat Heads by ChadRoccoAttisue by ChadRoccoBusiness Pechugona by ChadRoccoMinnie Dancer by ChadRoccoPandawa Queen by ChadRoccoThe Geek by ChadRoccoPearl's Lair by ChadRoccoFawn by ChadRoccoTanya's Exercises by ChadRoccoStacy Shiva by ChadRoccoGiraffe Maid Dance by ChadRoccoPeg's Ham by ChadRoccoLuna Pintin by ChadRoccoNemesister New Outfit by ChadRoccoPenelope of the Nile by ChadRoccoMonkey Paws #1 by ChadRoccoNot so Sweet and Innocent by ChadRoccoBreaking Pat by ChadRoccoSnork by ChadRoccoBreezie Bubble by ChadRoccoTickle Your Innards by ChadRoccoGolf Girls by ChadRoccoLt. M'ress by ChadRoccoChicken and Waffles Girl by ChadRoccoHepzibah by ChadRoccoFlated Chested by ChadRoccoHut Hut by ChadRoccoLady Trainer In Petalberg Woods by ChadRoccoJapanese Donuts  by ChadRoccoFarm Tammy by ChadRoccoBam-Booty by ChadRoccoBimbette by ChadRoccoKila by ChadRoccoStudent Gazelle by ChadRoccoTeasy Koopa by ChadRoccoDiamond Nara by ChadRoccoMavis Smoking by ChadRoccoKids These Days by ChadRoccoMatt Mc Monsterfeet by ChadRoccoHobbit Girl by ChadRoccoWhat a Rack by ChadRoccoPacifica by ChadRoccoMiNerdVa and Hello Nerds by ChadRoccoAlex Hirsch: Dark Puppet Master by ChadRoccoMonkey's paws #2 by ChadRoccoFreckle Bot by ChadRoccoNot So Ancient Sins by ChadRoccoGF- Life at the Shack: Breakfast by ChadRoccoBionic-Legs Pat by ChadRoccoMoundshroud by ChadRoccoBeach Girl by ChadRoccoGalaxy Express 999 Frankie and Mac by ChadRoccoPegyo  by ChadRoccoLater That Night by ChadRoccoAmberley by ChadRoccoLike I care by ChadRoccoMandy Struction Rocks by ChadRoccoI saved you once... by ChadRoccoStay Toned by ChadRoccoGF: First Time at the Shack by ChadRoccoGravity Falls: My New OTP by ChadRocco

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Duke Queen by ChadRocco
Gravity Falls: Wendy's Braces by ChadRoccoGravity Falls: Fine. I didn't care anyway! by ChadRoccoSteven Pizza by ChadRoccoGravity Falls: Only a Matter of Time by ChadRoccoApril O' Neaggh by ChadRoccoDonkers The Rabbit by ChadRoccoO'Mommah by ChadRoccoFreeman's lab by ChadRoccoYou startled me! by ChadRoccoAngel by ChadRoccoHoppo Dress by ChadRoccoDaphne Sue by ChadRoccoPacifica's Guide to Colors by ChadRoccoMaddening Mim by ChadRoccoGo Get Your Friends by ChadRoccoLet Me Be Good To You by ChadRoccoGravity Falls: Denial by ChadRoccoMira Glasses by ChadRoccoOur Kind Isn't Welcome Here by ChadRoccoGravity Falls: Hats Off by ChadRoccoArianna by ChadRoccoPearl And The Hummingbird by ChadRoccoI Am A Powerful Wizard! by ChadRoccoBimbette  by ChadRoccoI never got the chance by ChadRoccoLydia Pearson by ChadRoccoSamba De Katella by ChadRoccoWell Now by ChadRoccoAlice by ChadRoccoBerry Bear the Bear-It-All Bear by ChadRoccoLook Familiar, Football-head by ChadRoccoNichole Dive by ChadRoccoSlime Princess B-Day by ChadRoccoQueen Delightful by ChadRoccoCloud 9 by ChadRoccoSabrina Jinkies by ChadRoccoMolly by ChadRoccoBeach-Side Miriam by ChadRoccoMother/Daughter Workout by ChadRoccoCallie vs Minerva by ChadRoccoOfficer Fawn by ChadRoccoMordecai's Mom by ChadRocco(Cougarous - Skunkii) by ChadRoccoSpace Jam Patricia  by ChadRoccoBike Shorts Kairel by ChadRoccoI see London, I see France by ChadRoccoIsis Chilled by ChadRoccoElemental Hero by ChadRoccoTasty Chaos by ChadRoccoMee Mee Mama  by ChadRoccoLo Siento by ChadRoccoLittle Black Mess by ChadRoccoSo Proud by ChadRoccoThat's a Paddling by ChadRoccoSomedays I wish the Sun would just Explode... by ChadRoccoGwen Ghost-Freak by ChadRoccoWasp Eylene by ChadRoccoHappy Birthday Larry-Chan-Sama-San-Kun by ChadRoccoElectrorb by ChadRoccoMarvelous Francesca by ChadRoccoI may be very small... by ChadRoccoKer-Pranked by ChadRoccoMiss Information by ChadRocco2 True Blue Moms by ChadRoccoTrixie Chan by ChadRoccoFan-Service Magisword by ChadRoccoAlien vs Predator by ChadRoccoAnnebelle Wave by ChadRoccoAnnabelle Quartz  by ChadRoccoDebbiercise by ChadRoccoPunished Katie by ChadRoccoAnnabelle Towel by ChadRoccoPodcast Boarder by ChadRoccoDebbie Nightie by ChadRoccoMorning Peg by ChadRoccoNurse Linda by ChadRoccoPoo Poo FiFi by ChadRoccoSonorita Flan by ChadRoccoVampires and Dolls by ChadRoccoPam and Polly by ChadRoccoSlime Tohth by ChadRoccoNo Monsters Allowed by ChadRoccoNurse Fifi by ChadRoccoThe Peasent's Pasta by ChadRoccoBernice by ChadRoccoTuesday X by ChadRoccoFiona by ChadRoccoYou little donkey biscuit! by ChadRoccoMr Link by ChadRoccoLe Opps by ChadRoccoBulmaesque by ChadRoccoPick Your Brian by ChadRoccoDan Vs Social Obligations  by ChadRoccoBrak's Mom by ChadRoccoAnna's Shirt by ChadRoccoScarlet Thor by ChadRoccoI'm Bat Lavander by ChadRoccoThor in the Morning by ChadRoccoPetunia Pig by ChadRocco80's Nichole by ChadRoccoShelia by ChadRoccoDebbie by ChadRoccoWhere You Going Little Ghoul by ChadRoccoUFOs on Strings by ChadRoccoDesiree by ChadRoccoGuia by ChadRoccoBox Knight Hearthstone by ChadRoccoSpace Unicorn by ChadRoccoMech Monster by ChadRoccoMinnie Garden by ChadRoccoDo you like my ears up or down? by ChadRoccoBoom Boom Beagle  by ChadRoccoSweet Pea by ChadRoccoFourth Frankie by ChadRoccoBlack Dress Frankie by ChadRoccoKatella's Fur Coat by ChadRoccoYankee Poodle  by ChadRoccoXelotaph by ChadRoccoChica by ChadRoccoMinerva-Billie by ChadRoccoKit Mambo by ChadRoccoCloudy Jay by ChadRoccoDark Claire by ChadRoccoDisgust Distressed by ChadRoccoSmurferina by ChadRoccoCalvin's Mom by ChadRoccoVidalia by ChadRoccoApparitia by ChadRoccoSpecial Delivery Minnie by ChadRoccoEileen by ChadRoccoOrange Girl by ChadRoccoMargaret by ChadRoccoDoris by ChadRoccoSlime-Cube Frankie by ChadRoccoRedhead Cowgirl by ChadRoccoHelen Parr by ChadRoccoThree Blue Girls by ChadRoccoLisa the Furmaid by ChadRoccoCheerleader Panda Queen by ChadRoccoFranque by ChadRoccoGas-Mask Vanessa by ChadRoccoBeatnik Fifi by ChadRoccoKitty Jo by ChadRoccoManga Molly by ChadRoccoGilda Gossip by ChadRoccoDaisy Head Maisy by ChadRoccoHoney Love by ChadRoccoBride Poster by ChadRoccoPaula by ChadRoccoGaz by ChadRoccoFluke by ChadRoccoPeg's Birthday Present by ChadRoccoChain Chomp by ChadRoccoSad Pacifica by ChadRoccoKiki by ChadRoccoThe Frizz by ChadRoccoSaffi Yoga by ChadRoccoPacifica's Unibrow by ChadRoccoDugtrio by ChadRoccoNova by ChadRoccoFriend Like Me by ChadRoccoValerie by ChadRoccoKaila by ChadRoccoA Rose on Her Grave by ChadRoccoIsabella by ChadRoccoPhone it in: Bulbasaur by ChadRoccoPhone it In: Minnie Might by ChadRoccoGood Morning Holly by ChadRoccoCheerleader Stacy by ChadRoccoPhone it in: Summer by ChadRoccoTrapped on Bone Marrow Monster World by ChadRoccoSalute your shorts by ChadRoccoVanessa Gum by ChadRoccoDead Tired by ChadRoccoOcean Bird by ChadRoccoSlime Princess Wave by ChadRoccoPower Babs by ChadRoccoPower Babs 2 by ChadRoccoQueen Bea by ChadRoccoCindy Bear by ChadRoccoAndrea Fox: Gym Sub by ChadRoccoTracy Hashtag by ChadRoccoMimi by ChadRoccoScare Frankie by ChadRoccoFancy Fat Frankie by ChadRoccoI'm wearing my flats by ChadRoccoFF's LBD by ChadRoccoAdagio by ChadRoccoAria by ChadRoccoSonata by ChadRoccoCheerleader Maddie by ChadRoccoRobot Mouse by ChadRoccoPumpkin by ChadRoccoFifi Sits by ChadRoccoPauline Laying by ChadRoccoBrain Donors by ChadRoccoTowers by ChadRoccoCirce by ChadRoccoSquid Girl by ChadRoccoMomsters Steampunk Lydia by ChadRoccoMomsters: FrankenRose by ChadRoccoMomsters: Delia Djinn by ChadRoccoMomster: Slasher Emma by ChadRoccoNancy Creature by ChadRoccoLitwick by ChadRoccoGourgeist by ChadRoccoSleepy Hallow Girl 2 by ChadRoccoSleepy Hallow Girl 3 by ChadRoccoTilda by ChadRoccoNight Tilda by ChadRoccoHi Ya' Boys... by ChadRoccoPhantasma by ChadRoccoProfessor Junkentruck by ChadRoccoHola Cuzin by ChadRoccoClaudette by ChadRoccoAlice's Love Handles by ChadRoccoMomsters: Sarah-Bot by ChadRocco<da:thumb id="566827405"><da:thumb id="566933438"><da:thumb id="567161008"><da:thumb id="567415304"><da:thumb id="567571678"><da:thumb id="567778254"><da:thumb id="567863528"><da:thumb id="568169116"><da:thumb id="568265235"><da:thumb id="568580340"><da:thumb id="568772736"><da:thumb id="568857657"><da:thumb id="569117754"><da:thumb id="569334888"><da:thumb id="569557154"><da:thumb id="569778167"><da:thumb id="569959031"><da:thumb id="570160192"><da:thumb id="570269789"><da:thumb id="570502664"><da:thumb id="570693896"><da:thumb id="570908905"><da:thumb id="571140155"><da:thumb id="571287594"><da:thumb id="571512900"><da:thumb id="571675516"><da:thumb id="571852781"><da:thumb id="572050413"><da:thumb id="572303848"><da:thumb id="572489454"><da:thumb id="572676703"><da:thumb id="572860391"><da:thumb id="573019642"><da:thumb id="573209322"><da:thumb id="573390762"><da:thumb id="573712021"><da:thumb id="573914853"><da:thumb id="574127620"><da:thumb id="574268367"><da:thumb id="574461770"><da:thumb id="574598020"><da:thumb id="574876566"><da:thumb id="575075958"><da:thumb id="575307295"><da:thumb id="575470077"><da:thumb id="575673366"><da:thumb id="575793663"><da:thumb id="575910168"><da:thumb id="576158378"><da:thumb id="576404916"><da:thumb id="576636691"><da:thumb id="576771051"><da:thumb id="576970265"><da:thumb id="577125507"><da:thumb id="577272059"><da:thumb id="577505848"><da:thumb id="577699953"><da:thumb id="577872463"><da:thumb id="578095606"><da:thumb id="578282939"><da:thumb id="578439013"><da:thumb id="578631408"><da:thumb id="578795158"><da:thumb id="579014529"><da:thumb id="579232744"><da:thumb id="579443448"><da:thumb id="579658066"><da:thumb id="579877703"><da:thumb id="580102654"><da:thumb id="580197348"><da:thumb id="580492019"><da:thumb id="580663408"><da:thumb id="580863196"><da:thumb id="581076303"><da:thumb id="581343359">Sass Duel by ChadRocco

Processing some footage right now, so I'm going to take the time to stream the next stage in the Hearthstone Solo adventure in about 10 minutes from now. 

Join me won't you:

Stream is over

And I'm working on a commission tonight. (now)
I finally take a look at a Solo adventure...