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Endtown by ChadRocco

Good friend and talented artist has just opened a patreon in support of Endtown.

If you can't help with support then can you please tweet or link this. 

I was putting together another Halloween list, when I realized my number one segment was about 11 minutes long.  So I decide to turn it into a Familiar Short on it's own...don't worry I have something planned....

Happy Halloween!
Anyone know where I can find a nice copy of Night Ghoulry.


The even ran it on the Hub and you still can't find it.
Also Deviant art became tumblr while I was gone. 

Here's the Olaf Video on my Back Up Youtube Channel 
My Patreon supporters might want to check their accounts.
Thank you, everyone, for the wonderful birthday wishes. You guys have really gotten creative with your comments.

My brother needs some emergency funds. So I'm opening about 5 slots worth of commissions. Antone interested just note me. 

Here are the outlines:

*Up front Paypal payment. I will give you it when I get all your info about the commission. 

*Commissions will be completed in “First come first serve” order. For example: If your third in line, than you can expect your commission in about three weeks. I won't take your money unless you're Ok with the estimated deadline I give you.

I'm allowing for about a week per commission. I'm expecting to complete commissions much faster than that. I'm just giving myself some breathing room as I do want to try and recover my video series and other obligations right now.

*You know my art style and subject matter but it needs to be said that I won't draw stuff that would fall into the NSFW category. And please no farting or stuff like that.  

*You can request that the commission be private, and I won't post it in my gallery. You can also request that I send it to you by email so you can post it in your own gallery or I can get it to you through stash. 

Here's the price list and sample each type of commission:

Color = $35 (+ $10 for each additional character)

Starfire Doesn't Split Hairs by ChadRocco    Vivi by ChadRocco     I can smell trouble... by ChadRocco   

  Fawn Deer by ChadRocco   A Tale of Two Trixies by ChadRocco   You Need a Smile by ChadRocco

Line Art = $18 (+$7 for each additional character)
Maddie Fenton by ChadRocco   Predie Puff by ChadRocco      Harriette and Me by ChadRocco  Dexter's Mom by ChadRocco  Touch of Tenderness... by ChadRocco 

Digital Skecth = $10 (+ $4 for each additional character)




4. :iconsilentbobx:

5. :icongammaeradon: 

I wanted to do a let's play or let's draw over Youtube. What capturing program should I use?
I'm having trouble loading audio into it. It takes Wav. files but so far I've only gotten 1 to work. The others just sound like static.

Anyone else have this trouble?

Edit: Never mind I just ran the audio through Audacity and that seemed to work.
I would like to know how to stop the time line form jumps out to full view on long clips when I try to zoom in and get a more detailed cut?
So I have a Patreon.

And for the prize, every three dollar pledge earns you a chance to choose the character featured on Familiar Faces. 

Oh and if you want to, you can see a Youtube version of the "Daisy Head Mayzie" review. 
I'm plugging another artist :iconzeurel:

A Call to attentionSo, this year has started off to be a complete farce.
Thanks to Americas greed, Ashley and I had to owe $3500 in medical bills AND an extra $2000 towards our taxes.
That money was set aside to be able to go to my elder sisters wedding this April back in New Zealand and to visit me folks, but thanks to the taxes and the increase of the price of the flights we were originally going to get by an extra $500 each, the cost of flying over has gone up to a staggering $3500.
That is something we cannot afford anymore.
However, a little bird (Mel) told me about trying a gofundme campaign.
So I got thinking... if I did set up a fundme campaign and if some of my watchers just donated $0.50 or even $1.00, Ashley and I would be able to go to my sisters wedding in late April and be able to visit my folks back in NZ for 12 days.
I haven't set it up yet, as this post is basically asking you guys if you'd feel ok if I set this up, or even insulted. I don't want to offend anyone. so, yeah...
Let me

He's a great animator.

CONKELDURR STOMP by Zeurel  Buldge-a-saur by Zeurel RUN AWAY by Zeurel (oh look-little stairs)

And odds are you've probably seen his work at one point:


If you haven't check out the journal yet; Because of taxes and unexpected (when are they ever) Medical Bills, he and his wife can't afford to visit his sister for her wedding in New Zealand.

But he started a gofundme page:…

Pretty standard operation at this point. Just chip in 2 bucks or whatever and pass it on to as many people as you can.

Here's a short video to hopeful explain things in more detail:

The animated bits I made for the Critic's Ghost Rider Review:

Edit: Doug is not a Brony